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Delivery Menu Spotlight: Cucumber Kimchi

Updated: May 12, 2020

Kimchi. it's Korea's most famous food, and it's consumed by two-thirds of Koreans, every day - including Korean people out here in Australia like myself!

But when you think of kimchi, you probably imagine something like this.

But what you see on the menu is... cucumbers?

Cucumber kimichi, or oi-sobagi (오이소박이) in Korean, is a variation of kimchi has a few more differences than cabbage becoming cucumber.

The key change in the eating experience is the freshness of cucumber kimchi provided by the juicy fluid captured within the cucumbers. The pickling process allows the salted cucumbers to retain their moisture, and the filling/sauce has less of the pungent fermented flavour that characterises kimchi.

Then the most crucial step in retaining freshness is putting together cucumber kimchi on the SAME DAY as your delivery.

The pickled cucumbers are cut into 10cm long segments, then split vertically into quarters with one end left to hold them together.

The middle of these cucumbers is then stuffed with a mixture of chilli powder, chives, garlic, and shrimp paste.

Is it spicy? It's definitely got a kick, and those who love spicy food won't be disappointed. But it's the sort of spice that comes and goes relatively quickly - you won't be reaching for milk to neutralise your mouth 10 minutes later!

But you'll have to try it out for yourself - let me know if it is too spicy! If enough of you tell me that it's too much, I'll change the description :)

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